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Yei Bi Chei and Sand Patterns - Monument Valley_8154.jpg
A fine art Southwestern nature image of the Yei Bi Chei rock formations, one of the two more famous formations in Monument Valley, with sand patterns leading into the foreground.  The orange rock and sand take on a stronger orange tone in the late day sun.  This image pairs nicely with "Totem Pole at Sunrise - Monument Valley."  The Yei Bi Chei formations are a classic symbol of the American Southwest.  It is said that Yei Bi Chei is a Navajo Spirit associated with the nine-day Navajo ceremony called "Night Way," held during the winter.  The rock formation supposedly resembles the fire dancers who appear on the last day of the ceremony.  The Yei Bi Chei formations are located in Monument Valley near the Totem Pole.  Monument Valley is a region of the Navajo Nation known as the Colorado Plateau characterized by clusters of sandstone buttes.  This area is located near the Arizona-Utah border, near the Four Corners area.